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Fiberglass Screen Mesh
Fiberglass Screen Mesh

Fiberglass Screen Mesh

Product ID : A-100
Product Attributes :

18x16mesh and 17x15mesh,16meshx14mesh of fiberglass mesh are commonly used in window and door as insect,fly and mosquito screening. 

Product Description

Fiberglass Insect Screening

We choose High quality of fiberglass yarn to weave with PVC coated treatment

1.fiberglass screen mesh woven type:

  plain weaving and leno weaving

2.fiberglass flyscreen weight square meter:


3.fiberglass mesh colour:

  grey,black,brown,white,green,blue,red and yellow etc

  other colour can be customized

4.fiberglass insect mesh width and length:

 width can be 0.61m,0.76m,0.81m,0.914m,1m,1.22m,1.5m,1.8m,2m

 max width can be 2.5m

 fiberglass window screening roll length in genernal is 30m,50m and 100m can also be  acceptable

5.Fiberglass mesh can be 18x16mesh,17x15mesh,16x14mesh ,mainly sales well in market.

 20x20mesh can be made and used for pet mesh such as cat and dog preventing their paw


6.fiberglass woven mesh fabrics largerly be seen in door and window as mosuqito net,insect screen and flymesh 

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