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Snap Traps
Snap Traps Snap Traps Snap Traps Snap Traps Snap Traps

Snap Traps

Product ID : A005
Product Attributes :

Snap Traps 

It has 17inch,24inch and 36inch three snap traps dimensions,snap traps height is 2.5inch,it is coated by green powder,snap traps is used for birds with nylon net

Product Description

Snap Traps

It is a proffessional trapping equipment for snap ,choosing high quality steel wire for welding and wrapped with nylon net,surface be treated by powder coating.

Snap Trap Dimension:




When bait tray is triggered, a spring loaded nylon net closes over the birds to trap them quickly and safely.Snap trap can be mounted on buildings, walls, and can even be put in trees.  17inch snap trapping is made for Woodpeckers and similar sized birds.24inch snap traps is made for Grackles, Crow, Duck, and similar sized birds.36inch bird snap traps are aviable aslo


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